Hello there. I'm getting a ton of hate in my inbox for something I supposedly said, and I found the ask on your blog. I didnt send that. I dont know why it has my name on there. I literally only come on this website for porn, ive never heard of your blog until now, im sorry for any pain that ask has caused but im willing to help get down to why my account was used. i changed my pass too. im realyl really sorry though.

I DON’T KNOW IF IT’S TRUE OR NOT BUT WHY ARE PEOPLE SENDING HATE. i don’t approve of hate. (did someone at least try to explain something or were they just “die scum!!” cause if not im dissapointed at their ways of ‘helping’ again.) 

i have no way to know if it’s true or not but your way of typing isn’t the same as the last ask so it should make some sense. still, i hope the last ask isn’t your way of thinking because it’s pretty rude….. 

im getting so fucking tired

of people calling me a pedophile. 

do you know what a pedophile is? it’s someone who is sexually attracted to children. first of all: im against pedophilia cause i would never stand something that could hurt a real person (also it’s fucking gross). second: i’m demisexual. i don’t feel sexual attraction to anyone besides my girlfriend (i don’t even find real people attractive if anything i just like cartoon characters cause i know they aren’t real). 

im gonna keep rambling 

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why did you need to make the wheelchair girl a black bitch though. technology only helps those who help themselves, and to give a black girl an automatic room, means shes ignorant of her life, and her parents probably stole and killed to get the money for her dumb room, she should be locked away with the rest of them.

…..what the fuck.

literally what the fuck is wrong with you. 

Like where do you live or what?bc youre just feeding Mexico stereotypes right now!

i live in this one part of Mexico that’s real fucking dangerous and i would suggest you to stay away (for now at least) cause i don’t want anything bad to happen to people. other parts are nice tho but not my city. 

i don’t even know what stereotypes gringos have anymore but i don’t care either. 



do you ever get angry at people who say “technology is bad” cause you know they don’t need it. 

I think most people don’t think about it this way. When most people go “UGHGUHG, TECHNOLOGY”, they mean technology more for entertainment purposes, like laptops and smart phones.

I mean yeah, gosh, technology is so awful. We should go back to the good old days where we had to salt and spice our meats instead of using these new-fangled refrigerators. Or we should get our fingers mashed in mangles like our great-grandparents did instead of using a drier for our clothes.

Technology is for things greater than entertainment and communication (and entertainment and communication in themselves AREN’T BAD THINGS, but that’s another discussion entirely). One of the coolest things about humanity is our ability to adapt and use tools to better suit us, and the ability to improve on those tools. 

I get really annoyed with people who poo-poo technology and live in this sense of nostalgia just because technology makes things different now and they don’t like it. The majority of we do with technology is for the sake of making processes more efficient and for improving our overall quality of life. We’re “lazy” with certain tasks now because time and technology have rendered them obsolete, and we don’t need them anymore.

You know what they did in the good ol’ days? They amputated your limbs if you had an infection.

my classroom was in a technology exposition where we were shown many ways to improve our homes (they were hella expensive tho so we will never get them cause we’re all poor haha) with things like automatic windows and locks and one of my friends said that “technology is making us lazy” and i turned around and told him “do you know how much this helps disabled people like wOAH their life is way easier like this imagine” and he just said “oh. oh you’re right.”

so yeah idk i feel like it’s helping us and we should be grateful for it…. 

do you ever get angry at people who say “technology is bad” cause you know they don’t need it. 

what's it like living in mexico? i've never been

Mexico is hella pretty (and hella dangerous hahaha it sucks). the people are kinda rude sometimes tho. (just like in anywhere else).

and my city is pretty much ”holy shit a guy got shot in front of the store at plain 3pm. well time to hide again hahaha fuck”. help me. 

are cons not as much of a thing in Mexico? never thought about that really. :pc

cons at Mexico City and Monterrey are good as far as i know, but most of them have stolen art and shit like that. :’^) 

actual conversation with my dad.

my dad is a nerd.

Just want you to know you have inspired me to start my own comic with non binary dorks! ^w^ Thank you thank you so much!

you’re the true inspiration.

How do you go about storyboarding for your comics? Like...how do you choose when a panel should be a different size relative to another. Do you just do on page at a time?

i had a shitty notebook where i drew the thumbnails and i ran out of them so i kinda improvise everything now. don’t be like me. 

How r u feeling today?

good kinda. 

i got to plant some seeds so that’s great. *v* 

Good we need more non-binary characters in this world anyway. ;3 Just like we need more trans characters