Hi there, I'm just wondering what this Moomin themed zine proyect thing is? I may be interested but I'm afraid I don't really know an awful lot about it. Can you enlighten us :D Thanks and love your art!!!!

well, the final result will be a free downloadable .pdf file with all the Moomin illustrations i get from the artists (including my stuff), so everyone can enjoy them. C: 

and yep that’s all.

Do you know where I can watch Kaiba?

you could just google ‘watch Kaiba ep 1’ but here it is anyways.

*whisper* The Joxter used half his life looking for snuffkin



this turned into a Moomin blog overnight. im not sorry.

this turned into a Moomin blog overnight. im not sorry.

How dare you create such beautiful art!

im a rebel.

Amo tus dibujo y tu estilo, en serio eres una gran inspiración para esta chica española, ¡Sigue así!

eee muchas gracias bella criatura española. ;u;

*hands you a little posy of flowers I made for you* Thank you for making such wonderful art~ <3

*plants the posy in garden*

oh my glob you make such cute art and your coloring is amazing (*´∀`*)

thanks rad fella. ovo

oH I remember when you posted an adorable piece of fanart for Kaiba and I was so interested in it. I just wanna say thank you because you're the reason I watched it and I LOVE IT A LOT <333 Also, your art is beautiful, I enjoy seeing it!

KAIBA IS ONE OF THE BEST ANIMES im glad you watched it. ;v; 

dads introducing their sons.

dads introducing their sons.

I absolutely love your art style and blog! You're extremely talented! Keep drawing <3

*keeps drawing*

*gets tired of drawing but keeps doing so*

Your art is too cute for my own good //throws glitter at you

twitter doodles.

Your dipper gore scared me a little but wow. Your art is amazing. I don't know how but you made it seem scary, creepy, and yet so adorable. Not that you asked for my opinion but A+ work :)

lmaO IM SORRY….. don’t worry tho im not gonna do it again. :’^)